Warner Elektra Atlantic’s President Matt Signore is hosting the May 20 NetForum at their office located at 1633 Broadway NYC.  Space is limited so please RSVP below ASAP.  8am (discussion starts at 8:30am) to 10am.

Our discussion topic is titled “To Hire or Not to Hire.”

Are you hiring full time employees, consultants or using online labor markets?  On-Shore, Near-Shore or Off-Shore?  What are the drivers? Cost? Flexibility?  What have you learned about how to navigate the labor markets?  Come share your experience and learn from your peers.

To RSVP, email laurent [at] parkviewventures [dot] com or jkeck [at] parkviewventures [dot] com

(WHY RSVP? We need to order breakfast, this event promises to be very well attended, and also it’s just the right thing to do for your friendly organizers!)

The NYT happened to publish an interesting article this week-end about what the author calls the “Hollywood model”, an alternative to full time employment and the on-demand labor model Uber-style.  Worth a read: What Hollywood can teach us about the future of work.
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Save the Date: June 25, 2015 (8am-10am).
The topic: CyberSecurity, it’s not the big boys’ issue anymore.  Can you operate even a small web business without a Chief Security Officer? Can you raise money without it?
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See you at the NetForum!

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