INVITATION: CyberSecurity with Soltra’s CEO, DMGI’s CTO and BofA Head FinTech Investments


Parkview provides M&A Advisory Services and Pre-Transaction Reviews, a one-of-a-kind service that helps startups understand what they need to do to prepare for a successful exit. 


The next NetForum is hosted by Bina Kalola, global head of FinTech investments for Bank of America, and a long time NetForum member.  Our featured discussion guests areMark Clancy, CEO of Soltra, and George Orlov, CTO of DGMInfo.  See below for the full details.

Why did we choose this subject for this month’s breakfast?

The NetForum is not a technical group so we will not be discussing the technical aspects of CyberSecurity.

We are going to be focused on why should business leaders care.  Not just Sony, Target and the State Department.  Everyone of us in the Digital Industry, big or small.

Parkview advises digital companies of all sizes and their VC, PE and Strategic investors.  We are astonished to still find an attitude of benign neglect of this issue.  But we’ve seen this movie before — it will go from no one cares (Slack raises a huge round at a huge valuation after it gets hacked) to everyone cares and everyone is scrambling.

So, CEOs and investors must have an attitude change now and understand the issues and what is reasonable and sensible to do. There are ways to mitigate CyberSecurity threats for all budgets.

Our featured guests hail from DMG Info and Soltra.

George Orlov is the Chief Architect at DMGI, a leading international investor and acquirer of B2B information companies and a division of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc, one of the UK’s leading international media groups.  I will ask George if they consider CyberSecurity in their investment decisions, and whether companies need to bleed themselves to death to solve the problem.


Mark Clancy is the CEO of Soltra, a joint venture of the Depositary Trust & Clearing Company and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center.  Soltra’s Edge disrupts the cyber security status quo by putting safeguards in place to better protect organizations of all sizes from cyber attacks.  I will ask Mark how a “networked defense” (my term) can protect small and big companies from Cyber attacks.


RSVP by emailing laurent [at] parkviewventures [dot] com

Location: One Bryant Park (42d & 6th Avenue)
8:00 – 10:00 am
You must RSVP to be on the security list


If this is your first invitation to the NetForum NYC, we invite you to learn about our breakfast events, review our past attendees list and read our blog where we publish synopses of our discussions.  Then join us by RSVP’ing above and contribute your insights and experience to your peers, learn from our guests and network.

See you at the NetForum!

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