What Every Digital CEO Must be Thinking About Now

The last days of August, with an upcoming long week-end, are a perfect time to recharge while getting some sound advice about the key issues Digital Leaders should be thinking about now from other CEOs and Digital Leaders.
We did not come up with these great insights.  They came from people like you — CEOs, CROs, VPs of Corp Development and Strategy, VCs and Corporate VCs, as well as some of the best technology, legal and marketing experts around — in peer-to-peer (off the record) breakfasts meetings.  Parkview has been holding these NetForum breakfasts for nearly 3 years in NYC, London and soon more locations.
So, here they are: The Best of The NetForum (the links are to summaries of each discussion).
1.  CyberSecurity: Is it an issue for big companies or will it bite you too (especially when you raise your next round!).(http://bit.ly/1NOdk1T).
2.  Running a Business with On-Demand People: the Challenges are many.  (http://bit.ly/1NOdA0J).
3.  Culture: It is a Competitive Weapon in the Race for Talent.  (http://bit.ly/1JpVWMQ).
4.  Should you become a Video Publisher or can you stick to text? (http://bit.ly/1EdFCmu).
5.  Should you abandon your Web business and go Mobile+Cloud?  (http://bit.ly/1JpWzpJ).
6.  Tech Bubble or not? The Facts. (http://bit.ly/1EPce0L).
7.  Why do you need to seriously think about your Privacy Policy?  (http://bit.ly/1h70SzB).
8.   Why you won’t go IPO, and may be that’s OK. (http://bit.ly/1JpXW7y).
9.  Who’s better: The Founder or the Professional CEO? (http://bit.ly/1LtWV5f).
10.  How to manage a Board effectively? (http://bit.ly/1V2ZQU7).
11.  Corporate VCs are back! The How to Guide to being a good CVC and striking the right deal with a CVC. (Download the Guide here: http://bit.ly/1cTgdfV).
That’s the story so far.  But we write new chapters every month at the NetForum breakfasts.  Contact me to join the 200+ Digital Leaders who have attended our intimate breakfast discussions and help write the next chapter!
Hope you find this useful!  And be sure to leave a comment.
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About Parkview and Why we launched the NetForum.
Parkview is an independent and experienced advisor.  We have been 100% focused on the web industry since 1994.  We assist with the planning and execution of financings, investments and acquisitions, on behalf of business owners, VCs, PEs and Corporates.  We have also invested in many early and late stage venture stage companies, in minority and control positions.  We created the NetForum to share our network with clients and friends and encourage them to share their experience with each other.

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