Parkview provides a full range of Investment Banking services for companies and investors in the Internet industry, including buy-side and sell side mandates, joint ventures and partnerships.

Why do we believe we can help you?

  • We have significant deal experience.  We have worked on easy transactions, and tough ones, in good and bad markets.  We are very creative and come up with solutions to get things done.  We don’t guess or experiment.  We have done this before, so we just get it done.  If it can’t be done, we tell you.
  • We have extensive domain expertise.  We have been advising Internet companies since 1994.  Internet is not one of our multiple sectors, it’s all we do, all we have done for over 20 years and all we are planning to do.  We know the key players, how to reach them and how to get them to the table.
  • We have significant operating experience.  There are two types of bankers.  Those who have studied the sector and those who have worked in it.  We have been operators and investors, we get the issues from the inside, and why our mission is critical.  It’s not hypothetical to us, it’s visceral.


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