Parkview is retained by Founders, Boards and Investors to advise on some of their most critical decisions:

Capital Raising: When to raise capital, how much, from whom and on what terms?  We help you consider all the options and find the best fit for your company.  Should you raise funds from VCs, PEs, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Debt Providers, and/or Strategics?  Are you ready for the due diligence?  We take a hands on approach at looking at the company in every possible direction and figure out how to best position it for each of the relevant capital sources.  After considering all the options, we only contact the most appropriate capital sources to interact with the company and help the parties quickly discover whether they are a match on issues such as control, valuation, exit timing and business philosophy.  When the process has winnowed down the prospects, we get to negotiating term sheets and analyzing the pros and cons of each for the company.  Ultimately, the Board chooses with whom to proceed and we help oversee due diligence and legal negotiations.  As we source capital from the US (East and West coasts), Western Europe, China and Israel, we often act as guides across different business cultures.

M&A:  Have you been approached?  Do you want to proactively go looking for the right buyer?  Selling a company is very process oriented.  It’s all about creating an auction process where the other side is reasonably convinced that you are really going to sell and not wasting their time, and have set up a process whereby if they follow the bankers instructions they will get the information they need to make an informed decision.  If the process is well managed you end up with a good market test and a good number of offers.  The selling process also involves getting your corporate files in order, preparing the right selling materials, creating a good list of likely targets and leveraging the management’s relationships or the bankers’ relationships to get a hearing from the senior management or corporate development team at the potential buyer.  Then it’s about negotiating a good deal with one or multiple parties, and managing the due diligence process and legal documentation to foresee issues and proactively resolve them, with creative solutions needed at every turn.

Sectors We Understand and Have Relationships:

  • E-Commerce and Future of Retailing.
  • FinTech and the Future of Markets in the Age of Blockchain.
  • GeoData and Remote Sensing Technologies supporting Autonomous Vehicles on the ground and in the Air.
  • AI and the way that Algorithms are Automating Mundane and Complex Tasks.
  • Enterprise Software and the way it is Transforming the Workplace.
  • Social Networks.

When Do You Need a Banker?  You do not need a banker to raise a Seed or A Round.  If you contact us about such a process we will give you some advice but can’t get engaged.  It makes sense to consider a banker when raising over $10M, may be even $20M.  Many investors frown on the presence of bankers in transactions with very young companies.  When it comes to selling a business, it almost always makes sense to have a professional handle the process.  We like to get involved when the transactions are in excess of $25M and we have advised companies with enterprise values in the hundreds of millions.  We have made exceptions for companies with stunning technology that are looking for a strategic home.

What’s Our Edge?  Laurent Ohana, Parkview’s founder, has raised over $150M of venture and strategic capital financing for his companies and his client companies since 1994 — all in the web sector.  This includes financing from angels, VCs, PEs, Strategics and Family Offices.  Trained as an attorney, after practicing as an M&A specialist in a top Wall Street firm, in 1994, Laurent pivoted to being a Web entrepreneur, then a VC and Banker.  He is an active investors in startups and has been a venture-backed CEO, keeping a close eye on software development, design, and customer success.  The combination of 25 years of experience in the web industry, understanding of business cycles, negotiation experience at the highest level, comprehension of the needs of investors, founders and Boards — as well as the maturity to tell it like it is, makes the relationship with the Parkview team a true partnership.

We Have Principles.   Raising the funds that our clients need to grow their business or helping them sell their company and experience a life changing event where long deferred dreams can come true is actually a very satisfying thing for us to accomplish.  It’s also hard.  To succeed, we have discovered that there are some simple rules that will really help.  First, transparency.  It’s like going to the doctor and not telling her where it hurts.  It’s not going to work.  Second, honesty.  We must be able to say what we think, and we always do.  Third, think then move fast.  The reality is not going to change by itself.  Face the facts, do what you have to do.  Finally, let’s keep a sense of humor and work through the process efficiently so you can get back to your day job, as financing transactions can be a major distraction.


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