Our Due Diligence Analysis is focused on helping buyers, sellers and investors make better decisions.

  • For Buyers and Investors:
    • Target Identifications / Deal Flow Generation.  Investors and corporate development teams over-rely on incoming deal flow from bankers representing sellers.  In the fast moving Internet sector, buyers and investors need to move fast to identify targets that match their deal criteria fast and perfectly.  This requires having advisors who know your company well and can develop well designed target lists, and initiate conversations on your behalf, sometimes across the globe.
    • Target Due Diligence Reviews.  Investors and corporate development teams need to conduct due diligence under transaction time constraints.  We act as an extension of your team to quickly but thoroughly collect critical information about a target financial or competitive position, product positioning and management team quality.
  • For Sellers:
    • Pre-Transaction Reviews.  Companies raising financing or seeking an exit often botch transactions because they did not get their house in order before getting a process going.  We have advised Boards and investors who needed us to conduct a review of their company’s business model, financial position, client relationships, competitive position, management/team relative strength, investment syndicate cohesion and exit preferences, and the financing and M&A activity in the sector, and give them an independent opinion regarding likely outcomes of a sale scenario.  This analysis is used to determine whether to initiate a sale process, clean house first or just wait.

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