Why Should You Do a Pre-Transaction Review?

  • To receive unbiased advice on whether the company could raise capital now, from whom and on what terms.
  • To receive a candid assessment of the company’s strategic value to potential corporate acquirers and/or Corporate Venture Capital firms.


When Should You Do a Pre-Transaction Review?

3-6 months before you start a fundraising or M&A Process.

You need to assume that between the time you decide to sell or raise money and the date of a closing about 4-8 months could pass.  It’s a big investment of time, a major distraction and a serious strain on everyone involved.  Before you take the step to go for it, you must do a Pre-Transaction Review.

You must bare it all to someone who is working for you and hear what they say about it, and what they believe investors and/or acquirers will say about it.

Traditional investment bankers don’t offer this service.


Why is Parkview Qualified to Perform Pre-Transaction Reviews?

  • We have been doing Pre-Transaction Reviews formally for clients for over five years, and as part of our own investment process in web transactions for 20 years.
  • We have significant operating experience.  We understand your issues and why they exist.  Every member of the team has been an operator in addition to having had experience in venture capital or management consulting.
  • We have significant deal experience.  We have been advising Web companies since 1994 on transactions with VCs, Strategics, and competitors.  We have worked on fund raisings, mergers and consortia, and joint ventures between startups and international giants.  We have worked on deals on both coasts of the US, and in between, as well as between the US and Israel, China, and Europe.
  • We have domain expertise in AdTech, Big Data, Cloud Computing, CRM, E-Commerce, FinTech, Gaming, Geospatial, Fitness Tech, Music, OTT Services, Payments and Social Networks, among others fields.


Are You Bound to Engage Parkview as Bankers after a Pre-Transaction Review?



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