The NetForum Mission

The NetForum is a Peer-to-Peer Learning Network.  It is intended and reserved for the senior leadership (CXO) of growth stage digital companies and executives in Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy and Corporate Venture  in more mature private and public companies.  NetForum meetings are held monthly in New York City and Silicon Valley.


We have a Unique Format that Works

We pick a subject that is of interest to the members — Choosing an Exit, How to Manage Your Board, Who’s Better: a Founder CEO or a Professional CEO, Do You Need a Privacy Policy — and we discuss it with the help of an expert.  One big table, no presentations, no pitches and no correct answer — everyone participates in and contributes to a conversation moderated by Parkview.  Usually, an expert is invited to participate and contribute his/her viewpoint to the conversation.  We try to limit the attendance to 25 people, based on a “first to RSVP rule.”

Not everyone can make it (the invitation list is over 500 people now!) so we publish summaries of the discussions on TheNetForum blog.


Should You Attend? How?

If you work in a growth stage digital company, say over $10M of VC funding or $10M of revenues, and are the CEO, CFO, CRO, CMO, then the NetForum is for you.  We don’t focus on verticals, we are more interested in the stage of maturity of the company because the NetForum discussions focus on the issues you confront when you start scaling.

If you work in Corporate Development, Corporate Strategy, or Corporate Venture Capital in a company that is active in the Digital space, and you are interested in sharing your insights and experience with younger companies, then the NetForum is for you.

To join is easy.  We hold NetForum events in NYC and Silicon Valley.  Send an email to laurent at parkviewventures dot com and tell us you’d like to be part of the NetForum.  If you fit the criteria described above, we’ll add you to the invitation list and you will start getting invitations.


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