Azigo, Inc., Boston

Azigo has developed a powerful user-centric personalization platform that has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals interact with brands and how brands use email and personalization (including targeted advertising, special offers, loyalty and rewards) to drive transactions. is a place that connects customers with their favorite brands in a convenient, fast and visual experience. Now they get more of what they want and less of what they don’t. Online marketers can present their marketing messages in an environment optimized for commerce.


Netpulse, Inc., San Francisco

Netpulse provides an innovative interactive media platform for fitness centers and active lifestyle consumers. The Netpulse platform provides a customizable entertainment experience that offers live HDTV, on-demand video and music, iPod/iPhone connectivity, personalized workout data and more.  The platform enables media companies and advertisers direct access to a highly engaged and desirable audience that is often difficult to reach with traditional media.  [press]


Reachable, Inc., New York City and Salt Lake City

Reachable is a social network analytics company with a proprietary graphing engine.  Reachable lets users leverage their network of contacts to more easily connect with other people in order to close sales, perform reference checks, or find relationships between people or companies. The proprietary underlying technology can store billions of relationships; can infer non-obvious relationships; and can find connections and network structures faster than any other database technology on the market today.  Reachable is optimized for salespeople, recruiters, fundraisers and job seekers, and is integrated into [news]


Stipple Inc., San Francisco

Stipple organizes information around the content of images and enhances the way people interact with those images, in turn unlocking significant new revenue potential for publishers. The company offers a suite of products that enable commerce and search to occur within images on any website or mobile application. Stipple powers accurate image search and its information and commerce layer turns ordinary images into storefronts. Stipple’s customers include leading publishers, photo agencies, brands and a growing community of passionate social shoppers. [news]


TurningArt, Boston

TurningArt is like NetFlix for original fine art, allowing members to rent original works of art with the option to purchase. Turning Art has been named among the best of Boston start-ups. [press]


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